1. Oberwil Rebells
2. HBK Nitrianski Rytieri Nitra
3. LG AZ Hokej Bratislava
4. HBK Hokejmarket Skalica
5. HBC Rondo Teplice
6. London Crusaders
7. Klagenfurt
8. Kladno

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1 Oberwil Rebells 8
2 Hokejmarket Skalica 7
3 HBC Alpiq Kladno 3
4 Klagenfurt 0




Nitra is one of the oldest towns in Slovakia, which was created on seven hills. We can say, that it presents the paradise for the archaeologists. Beyond rich history is Nitra famous also as the centre of agriculture or as a town of young people, because there are two universities – The University of Konstantin Philosoph and Slovak agricultural university.

The area of Nitra is almost 30 000 years always lived-in. In Nitra had his residence the ecclesiarch Pribina, who built and blessed here the first Christian church in Slovakia. The king Rastislav invited to this place the Salonika brothers Konstantin and Method to spread between our ascendants the Christian religion in our native speech. We are also thankful to Konstantin for the first Slavonic script – glagolic.

nitraThe most dominant remembrance of the town is the Nitra Castle, which was in the past the strong residence, which resisted also Mongolian attacks. You enter the Castle from the Upper town. The Upper town is the most impressive part of Nitra, decorated with the valuable historical buildings, such as the Church of saint Peter and Pavol, the Small and Bigg Seminar with the Diocesan library, in which are hundreds of valuable books, earliest prints and manuscripts and the Kluchs Palace, of which the edge is holt up by the stone giant Atlanta, confidentially called by people from Nitra as Corgoň.

Nitra – there are also new districts and settlements, streets and roads, parks, mountains and statuaries, also new modern buildings, arranged spaces, companies and enterprises. There are also realised the regular exhibitions in the area of Agrokomplex, the only exhibition ground of its type in Slovakia.

In Nitra took place every year the cultural, sport and social events,from which we can remember for example the Nitra Culture Sommer, Nitra, dear Nitra,..., Theatre Nitra, the Nitra Music Autumn, Christmas Nitra and many others.

Nitra 33

Amount of dwellers: 81 959 (k 2.11.2011)
Area of town: 108 km2
Absolute altitude: 167 m n.m.
City parts: Dolné Krškany, Horné Krškany, Staré Mesto, Čermáň, Klokočina, Diely, Párovské Háje, Kynek, Mlynárce, Zobor, Dražovce, Chrenová, Janíkovce
GPS: S48˚ 18´ 25´´, V 18˚ 5´ 11´´

Important numbers

SOS: 112
Police: 158
Fire department: 150
Rescue service: 155
Town police: 159
Railroads of Slovakia: 181 88
Slovak bus carriage: 00421 37 659 93 3300421 37 659 93 33
Information about telephone numbers: 1181

City mass transport:
CMT – information – travelling order –,
Bus carriage Staničná street (against the railway station)

- city and distance carriage 00421 37 659 93 4500421 37 659 93 45
- information about CMT 00421 37 659 92 2100421 37 659 92 21

Railway carriage:
- ŽSR – information 181 88 (prices, reservations, information)
Private cashbox – Railway station Nitra, Staničná street 6

Air transfer:
Educational and sight-seeing flights, flying works in agriculture and
forest management, guardian and monitoring flights, extinction of
forest fire, taking flight photographs, fly school.
Airport Janikovce 00421 37 653 48 7700421 37 653 48 77,